In hours: Rafal Proszowski

Comms: Jani Kraner

Out of hours: Mohamed Deerow

Comms: Emma Pearce

Escalations: Neil Warsop

Our m8: Alex Monk

Doing (11)

Aiven procurement

  • emmapearce

35 days

  • paas
Waiting on next steps from procurement team

Refine the tag naming conventions for Zendesk support tickets

  • Sebastian Schmieschek
  • saracox

29 days

  • paas
Presumably, it's a small task. Something for support or not requiring a pair.

Dashboard for zendesk tags

  • saracox
  • annecarr

13 days

  • paas

Create a performance framework for GOV.UK PaaS

  • saracox
  • annecarr

11 days

  • paas

Run Concourse on AWS experimental account and document it

  • Federico Nardini
  • Tom Rosier

10 days

  • disco

Write discussion guide

  • clarebarnett
  • Nadia Mugeni

9 days

  • disco

SPIKE: running Vault on behalf of tenants

  • Tom Whitwell
  • Andy Hunt

4 days

  • paas

Add billing calculation tests

  • Alex Monk


  • paas