In hours: Tom Whitwell Comms: Lee Porte

Out of hours: Sebastian Schmieschek Comms: Federico Nardini

Escalations: Rox Heaton

Doing (10)

Introduce monitoring and alerting for the AZ loss

  • Mohamed Deerow
  • Alex Monk

17 days

Waiting for IT to let us send these into Slack

Billing feed: Feed events into resources table

  • Sebastian Schmieschek
  • dave povey

14 days

Enable operators to disable an AZ in Bosh

  • Robert Scott
  • Andy Hunt

7 days

Pairing: please

Look into Logit usage and plan size

  • Mohamed Deerow
  • Alex Monk

5 days

until 2021-06-17. Waiting to observe the impact of dropping DEBUG logs, to check again on Thursday 17th 17/6

Ways of working workshop

  • Nadia Mugeni
  • Thais Tozatto Maio


Aiven procurement

  • emmapearce